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Being the victim of a crime is not pleasant to think about. In fact, it is not pleasant to have to go through, but unfortunately it occurs. Victims of crime can be young/old, rich/poor, but all victims sustain some type of physical, emotional, or financial injury. All too often, this injury is long-lasting. We are committed to ensuring the rights of victims.


Victims of crime always need the support of their families and friends to help them deal with the trauma of victimization. Sometimes this support is not sufficient, or additional help or information is needed. This is where we can help you. If you have been the victim of a crime and would like information or assistance please give us a call. We have listed some of the crimes you may have been a victim of.

  • Domestic Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Physical Assault
  • Theft
  • Mischief/Vandalism
  • Uttering Threats
  • Break and Enter
  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • Bicycle Theft

Our goal is to meet the needs of victims of crime, and reduce the trauma they have experienced. We want to help. We realize that for many persons, being a victim or witness to a crime is their first experience with the criminal and juvenile justice system. As a victim or witness you have certain rights within the system.

We can provide you with information regarding the process of the investigation and prosecutions.

If you have had property stolen or damaged, whenever possible, we will answer questions.  

If you are looking for information on how to replace your lost or stolen identification, please see the FAQ section.

If you have suffered direct personal injury as a result of a crime, you may be eligible for reimbursement from the government for certain expenses. We can direct you to the appropriate agency.

We are concerned about your well-being and offer you moral support throughout your case.

If you require specialized professional assistance, we can direct you to the appropriate community agency.

If you have any problems or questions that we may be able to assist you with, please feel free to contact us at (204) 325-0829.