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The COPP logo is copyrighted.  Use of the logo is prohibited without the express written consent of the Provincial COPP Coordinator Winkler's Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) was implemented in 1998 after a year with an extremely high number of thefts from businesses. The inception of the COPP played a large role in reducing these numbers over the years, and continues to be responsible for the prevention and detection of numerous crimes.

The Winkler Police Service recognizes the value of partnerships between citizens and the police. The COPP is perhaps the most profound example of a community and law enforcement partnership in modern times and a proactive approach to crime prevention. This relationship provides our police personnel with a valuable observation and reporting system, which is essential in helping fight crime.

The program currently has 70 approved volunteers who contribute a minimum of 110 hours a month to safety and security within the City of Winkler. Funding from both the Province and the City of Winkler has equipped the COPP with communication devices, flashlights, etc. and provides with some reimbursement for fuel costs.


If you are interested in serving our community in this manner and wish to apply, you may either print out an application form from the links on this page, or attend in person at the Winkler & District Chamber of Commerce office in the Winkler Civic Center at 185 Main Street to pick up an application. Simply fill out the application and drop it off at the Winkler Police Service also located in the Winkler Civic Center.

To qualify, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a clear police record, not be the subject of a police investigation, and be of good repute.


For more info on Citizens on Patrol in Manitoba, visit their website.